Hydro Glyde

Advanced Glass Sealant

Multi-purpose and Super Concentrated

X10 Hydro Glyde Hydrophobic Windshield and Glass Sealant - Anti fog Coating, Water Repellant and Sealer for Cars, Boats, RV's & Motorcycle | Glass Maintenance Kit for 6+ Months of Auto Protection

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hydro glyde + glass sealant + car sealant

Cleaner and Stronger Glass

The advanced formula of this industry changing product is designed to make your glass looks clean yet protected even without daily maintenance. X10 Hydro Glyde is formulated to give your class of up to 6+ Months of protection and beauty.

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glass sealant + hydro glyde

Not Your Typical Glass Sealant

Make your car's exterior glass hydrophobic. Use X10 Hydro Glyde Advance Sealant for your car's glass protection.

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Advanced Hydrophobic Properties

X10 Hydro Glyde glass sealant uses an advanced hydrophobic formulation which is developed using a cutting-edged technology procedure. Our glass sealant bonds to the glass surface as a semi-permanent modification NOT ONLY to bead water, but also to resists depletion from weather, abrasion, or chemical detergants.

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