Graphene Prime

Ultimate Ceramic Spray Coating

graphene + ceramic coating

Protect Your Car Like a Pro

X10 Graphene Prime is safe on all exterior vehicle surfaces. This industry changing product can definitely protect your ride from harmful UV rays, water, dirt, grimes, dust and debris on contact for 36+ Months. Here at X10, we are giving result same with our tagline, "Perfect Shine ; Perfect Protection".

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graphene + ceramic coating + car ceramic

Infused with Graphene Oxide Technology

X10 Graphene Prime is using REAL Graphene Oxide Technology and mixes it with Ceramic with cutting edge technology to give your Car, Boat, RV & Motorcycles STRONGER protection than any normal Ceramic Coating in the market that's using silica infused products could ever give.

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graphene product + car ceramic + ceramic coating

Effortlessly Coat Your Entire Vehicle

Easily apply X10 Graphene Prime to your vehicles by following easy steps indicated under Direction of Use of the product label. These easy steps won't take a lot of time to do and will surely give your car a mirror-like shine and protection that we're promising.

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graphene + ceramic coating

Professional Result Even At Home

You no longer need to have an expensive maintenance shop to give your car more protection achieve a mirror-like shine. With X10 Graphene Prime, you can make your vehicle's coating stronger and shinier with just few sprays and wipe of cloth anytime and anywhere!

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